Web Strategy:

All successful online initiatives begin with Strategy. Webphibian provides ability, access to research, and an experience base that work together to deliver actionable results.

Whether it's an overarching annual Web Business Strategy or competitive research to stay ahead of the curve, Webphibian will ensure that you have the facts, figures, and trends well understood; giving you the ability to confidently make game-changing decisions.

Website Design:

Imagine trying to tell someone what you want your site to look like - it's not an easy task. A website's overall look and color scheme is the first and most significant impression you can make on a first time website visitor.

Our web designers work with our clients to develop the right look and feel for their website.

Webphibian creates much more than the typical website. We build a Great Website that visually speaks to you, gives you control with content management, and enables vistors to find your site when searching the internet. The end result is a site that not only increases brand awareness, but also generates real business, increases customer satisfaction, and decreases overall operational costs. This is a Great Site.

Online Marketing:

The Internet has become the business world’s most important source of information.

Online marketing will continue to increase as a percentage of all marketing budgets. Webphibian will help you identify the best combination of online marketing tools and venues, delivering campaigns that are innovative, effective, and entirely trackable.

Webphibian provides a wide range of online marketing services from Search Engine Marketing and Optimization to the leading edge of Blogs, Pod Casts, and Video Streaming.

Services include:
Search Engine Optimization Above all else your company needs to be "found" and Search engine optimization and marketing is the place to start. Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and standards are moving at light speed, and it's no longer a choice for companies, but a necessity.

Pay Per Click Management Pay-Per-Click Advertising drives targeted search engine traffic to your website by bidding on the search keywords that you want to advertise for. As the name suggests, you only pay when your sponsored search listing is clicked and a visitor comes to your site. Stone establishs and optimizes sponsored search campaigns to ensure that you maximize your return on investment.

ENewsletters The myth that website visitors will return to your site with the hopes of uncovering new useful information is just that. ENewsletters are the most effective way to push information to new and prospective clients. These mailings create multiple positive impressions and keep your target market actively engaged. Stone creates and manages ENewsletter campaigns for a wide variety of clients and will successfully help you harness this opportunity as well.

Blogs Blogs provide us the opportunity to position your company as the subject matter expert, a surefire way to stay in the public’s mind. Stone will plan, design, build, and maintain your Blogs, even finding the content if it suits your needs.

Web Analytics and Reporting Tracking the results on your company's online marketing effort is a necessity for maintaining successful online marketing initiatives. Webphibian will crunch the numbers on your behalf and provide reports, insights and suggestions on our findings.

Website Hosting:

Once your website has been designed and developed, it needs a place to call home. Webphibian provides efficient website hosting where your site files will reside and provide user access worldwide. Our hosting plans offer specific solutions for the Webphibian web development platform. This means our websites are built with the knowledge of how the hosting will handle the programming and successfully execute it for all of your website hits. Through research and 2 years of hosting use for our clients, Webphibian is proud to utilize reliable servers that provide scalable diskspace, bandwidth and hosting options.

In addition to website file hosting, each plan includes POP3 email access for use on Microsoft® Outlook® as well as online email login for remote use. If your company utilizes an in-house email hosting server, we can also configure our hosting plans to point to your servers for email use. Either way, our hosting plans work for you and your website with ease.

Technologies Applied:

Adobe CS3 (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, Flex, Fireworks), HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, DHTML, AJAX, CGI/Perl, XML, MY SQL Database Server, and others